Celebrating Dad Father’s Day Giveaway

MyCoupons.com and GourmetGiftBaskets.com are hosting a “Celebrating Dad” Father’s Day Giveaway via Twitter and Facebook. You can learn more and enter, here. The grand prize is a delicious popcorn sampler that seamlessly unites Dad’s most prized family memories with his favorite cookout tastes. Comprised of Honey Mustard, Bacon Cheddar, BBQ Ribs, Chipotle BBQ,  Cajun, Buffalo, Dill Pickle, Zesty Ranch, and Cheesy Cheddar flavors, this  sampler helps you … Continue reading Celebrating Dad Father’s Day Giveaway

Pet Photo Contest!

Please vote for my pets! ♥ I’m not sure exactly how this contest works, but my “fur babies” are entered in a few categories. So, please “like” the page and then “like” and comment on their photos! THANKS! Here are the links: PET PHOTO CONTEST: Best Smile: Maggie – http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=354973427905918&set=a.338708936199034.80298.338661522870442&type=1&theater Cutest Couple: Lucy & Maggie – http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=354968621239732&set=a.343672922369302.81131.338661522870442&type=1&theater Best Sense of Humor – Maggie – http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=354953347907926&set=a.338687519534509.80297.338661522870442&type=1&theater Best Eyes – … Continue reading Pet Photo Contest!

Ashley Boynes-Shuck, The Next Face of the SouthSide Works?

Dear Friends, Ashley Boynes-Shuck is a finalist in the SouthSide Works “Face of the South Side Works” contest….and she needs your help! It will only take a moment of your time, so please vote for Miss Glitzburgh herself by liking the SouthSide Works Facebook page …and then voting for Ashley Boynes-Shuck in the poll, HERE!  Also feel free to share with friends and fellow fans of Ashley! Thank … Continue reading Ashley Boynes-Shuck, The Next Face of the SouthSide Works?