the New RA Healthline App

I am honored to have been chosen to be a Guide on the NEW RA Healthline App, a free app for rheumatoid arthritis patients, available on iTunes and Google Play. The app provides a safe space for rheum patients to get support from and commiserate with like-minded individuals on topics ranging from diet and lifestyle, to mental health, dating and relationships, diagnosis, symptoms, and more. … Continue reading the New RA Healthline App

#RealTalkRA Summit: Pharma, Fun, and Friends

This week, I was invited by Pfizer to attend the 2017 Real Talk Summit in New York City. While they did compensate me for my time and took care of accommodations, I’m going to go ahead and disclaim now that they are NOT paying me for this blog post, and did NOT ask *or* expect me to write it. But I feel compelled to do … Continue reading #RealTalkRA Summit: Pharma, Fun, and Friends