#RealTalkRA Summit: Pharma, Fun, and Friends

This week, I was invited by Pfizer to attend the 2017 Real Talk Summit in New York City. While they did compensate me for my time and took care of accommodations, I’m going to go ahead and disclaim now that they are NOT paying me for this blog post, and did NOT ask *or* expect me to write it. But I feel compelled to do … Continue reading #RealTalkRA Summit: Pharma, Fun, and Friends

Simple Tasks Campaign

The American College of Rheumatology approached me to take part in their “Simple Tasks” campaign to let the world – and specifically, lawmakers – know about the literal pains that come along with living with rheumatic illness. Sometimes, the most seemingly simple tasks, from driving, to brushing your hair, to reaching for something in the refrigerator, can be the most painful. Here is my “case … Continue reading Simple Tasks Campaign