Hi! As you know, my name is Ashley Boynes-Shuck, a beauty buff, well-known health advocate, certified holistic health coach, certified drugless practitioner, Beachbody coach, and an Essential Oils Wellness Consultant.

I have created the online community, Ultimate Body, Ultimate You a.k.a. Ultimate You Wellness for all of us to get healthy together.

Ultimate Body, Ultimate You is the effort I’m organizing to help women and men of all ages and ability levels to stay healthy, love their bodies, and learn about exercise & proper nutrition.

You can learn more about the free initiative by checking out my Ultimate You Wellness Facebook community, here: You can follow @UltimateYouHHC or @abshuck on Twitter, too, or email me at with individual consultation requests.

From a health coaching perspective, I am available to work with clients one-on-one in the evenings or on weekends, at a discounted rate. Be sure to check out hashtag #UltimateYou on Instagram, too!

I’ve also recently become a Beachbody Coach and a wellness consultant who sells essential oils.

Check out my Beachbody Coach page, here. 

You can order a variety of awesome essential oils! Email me here to learn how to order! 🙂

Also keep an eye on my Essential Oils Pinterest Board to learn more! I also post about my oils on the Ultimate You, Arthritis Ashley, and Ashley Boynes-Shuck Facebook pages and Instagram! Feel free to browse the oils here, at your leisure.

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