I am the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the nonprofit organization, WearWoof. WearWoof is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping animals. The WearWoof shop is located in the North Hills, in McIntyre Square. It is a high-end fashion retail consignment shop. Drop your clothes off at the store, and instead of you getting the money when they sell, the proceeds go to our animal rescue and animal shelter partners as well as other animal welfare programming. It’s a win win: you donate your old clothing, and, you help pets while you’re at it! WearWoof also is the parent organization of PSNP, the new Pittsburgh Spay and Neuter Project, and the hosts of the annual Scotch & Chocolate Party. It’s a wonderful organization and a great cause. Visit them at WearWoof.org. Fashion and animals: what could be better?

PS: We are always looking for Volunteers & Ambassadors!

“WearWoof’s Mission is to establish Pittsburgh as the Middle Atlantic region’s most pet-friendly city by supporting the work of like-minded shelters, rescues and organizations in ending pet homelessness, providing resources and education for responsible pet ownership, and aiding the efforts of small, volunteer based local rescues through the consolidation of information, resources and support.”

ALSO! Currently, our shop cat DOLLY is running for Cat President of the United States!

#DollyForPresident – #FixAmerica


To donate & get the basics: https://www.crowdrise.com/dollyforwear…/…/ashleyboynes-shuck

To watch the awesome campaign ad starring Jim Krenn:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmvxF9fs1Xk

To learn even more: http://wearwoof.org

Also check out the coverage in Huffington Post, here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/dolly-cat-president-spay-ne…

If you don’t want to donate, at least pick up a FREE Dolly For President Yard Sign at one of the campaign outposts! We’d love to see your pets ‘endorsing’ Dolly by taking a pic with the sign! 😀

… and if your cat wants to be a delegate (for free) learn more here:http://wearwoof.org/delegates/ 🙂

I’m also selling raffle tickets! Contact me to learn more.