Press for Silence of the Lambs House, Ninja Warrior, and More

I don’t take on a ton of PR clients these days, since I have my hands full with a full-time job, a part-time contract job, a freelance news writing gig, oh — and working on several books. You know – casual.

But, I still, on occasion, do some public relations work when the mood strikes, or when I like the project. In the past, I helped out Paws N’ Claws Eyewear (and therein OptiPets and Carabiner Eyewear,) and got placements in Modern Dog and Modern Cat Magazines, Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, Dogster, Pet Product News, and some local publications in the eyewear, animal advocacy, and veterinary spaces.

When Mike did American Ninja Warrior, I had his story picked up by our local news affiliates (print and TV,) plus some podcasts, Healthline, and more.

Doing my own PR for my books and advocacy work, I’ve been quoted, featured, interviewed, or reviewed in or on the Today Show website, Teen Vogue, Prevention Magazine, World News Report, Fox News, ABC News, Everyday Health, Healthline, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the Tribune Review, IN Community Magazines, Inspiring Lives Magazine, Arthritis Today Magazine, and many (many!) others.

But perhaps one of the most fun gigs to work on has been the collaboration with The Sisters real estate team (Eileen Allan and Shannon Assad) and the owner and press contact of Buffalo Bill’s House (Chris Rowan and Chris Rowan — also a pair of siblings!) about the property that was featured in the famed cult classic ‘Silence of the Lambs’ movie. From October through present day, the story has been picked up locally, nationally, and even internationally!

Some of the media placements include:

You can visit the Buffalo Bill’s House website here. And check out The Sisters’ move to Compass, here!

If you are interested in hiring me for PR work, drop me an email and we can chat about whether it would be a good fit. Have a great day!

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