Silence of the Lambs Home Sure to be a Killer Draw

Get your fava beans ready, Pittsburgh.

When a stately Fayette County home was built in 1910, adjacent to property once owned by George Washgington, no one knew that one of the most beloved cult-classic horror films of all-time would be filmed there. In 2020, over 100 years after the house was built and nearly 30 years after the movie won 5 Oscars, the home still attracts curious tourists and movie fans who want to snap a selfie in front of the grand residence where some of cinema’s most iconic lines were uttered. 

It is being listed for sale by The Sisters just in time for Halloween, but this is no trick. Interested buyers are in for a treat: the beautiful property includes an inground pool, a train caboose that was converted into a poolhouse, and a gorgeous wraparound porch. (Not to mention, recent sightings of hunky actor Jason Mamoa filming a different movie nearby!) 

The staircase and foyer shown in the movie are in pristine shape, and some of this well-cared-for home has been updated — yet, eagle-eyed fans will definitely recognize some aspects of the house from key scenes. 

Plus? Talk about a conversation starter. Any time someone mentions putting lotion in a basket, Buffalo Bill, or Hannibal Lecter, you’re golden. You can say that, yes, you live where that classic movie was shot. 

Better yet? The home has its own rich history.

The current seller is a soon-to-be-retired FBI agent himself, who, in the irony of all ironies, received his (actual) credentials from the (actual) real-life FBI Director who, during a cameo role, gave lead character “Clarice” (actress Jodie Foster) her FBI credentials in the film. The man was a fan of the movie then — and still is. Now, he lives in the very home where much of the film was shot.

But, not for long. This hot property was listed on October 1, 2020. You can view the listing here. Curious fans and interested buyers can take and share a virtual 3D tour of the 4-bedroom, 1-bathroom, 3-story house, or check out a video tour on YouTube. It features a swimming pool, a vintage train caboose turned poolhouse, a nice fountain, wraparound porch, landscaped yard, and a 3-car garage that was once an actual General Store.

Real life vs. movie scenes!

It’s time to let your imagination run wild in this rural estate right outside the city!

A peaceful work-from-home haven? (It’s a GREAT property for a writer, if I do say so myself!)

Or how about — a Silence of the Lambs-themed Airbnb? Anyone?

 Opening your residence up to movie tours? Hmm… 

The possibilities are endless with this stunning, storied charmer!

Sounds like it’s a deal you shouldn’t ghost on — especially if you love true crime, the paranormal, or are a film buff. If none of that is your glass of Chianti, well, there are hiking and biking trails nearby, plus beautiful historic bridges and train tracks, and great spots for kayaking!

For more information on this home (which is oh-so-full-of-character and charm!) – and serious inquiries! – please contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices The Preferred Realty’s powerhouse team “The Sisters,” Eileen Allan & Shannon Assad at or view the listing, here.  You can also reach these lovely ladies on Facebook at The Sisters Sold It.

(*I’m just kicking myself for forgetting to take a selfie when I was there!)

View the listing

3D Tour 

5 Minute Video Tour   

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