Learn, Grow, and Connect with Patients in a Time of Uncertainty

We all need a ‘safe space’ sometimes — a place where we feel at home with our peers. In a time where we are dealing with both political unrest and division, alongside a global pandemic that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, connection, community, and fellowship are more important than ever. Togetherness is key.

Life with a chronic illness or disability (like RA, for example,) can already be isolating during even the best of times — and it can feel extra difficult right about now, given the current state of affairs in our society and in our world as a whole.

But you don’t have to be alone! The free, patients-only RA Healthline app is a mobile app for your smartphone or tablet that allows you to learn, grow, and connect with fellow rheumatoid arthritis thrivers and survivors! (*It’s available on both Google Play for Android and the iTunes App Store for Apple!)

Featuring near-nightly live chats and a forum filled with awesome posts and questions, you’ll be able to say you’ve found your tribe … and trust me when I say you aren’t alone.

It may be “just” an app, but during these times of uncertainty, and as we navigate our new normal, any semblance of peace and connection can be just what we’re looking for to cope, manage, and get by.

Newly-diagnosed? Even better. You’ll be able to talk with folks who “get it” because they’ve “got it,” too.

Download it today — I’ll be your in-app Guide, so, I hope to see you there!

Be well!

– A


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