New Reader Magazine Chooses Ashley As Featured Author

Thank you to New Reader Magazine for selecting me as the Featured Author for Volume 1, Issue 4. 📚 

Check it out on pages 6-7. (Note: I gave this interview months ago and I thank God that I now love my new job & all my coworkers; I luckily don’t have to deal with those “horrible bosses” anymore! 😉

48370631_10156361194169232_3180663556043440128_n (1)48395263_10156361194264232_10789048041865216_n (1)48385477_10156361194384232_8787486616416419840_n (1)


 📸 : @mattshuck 2012.

*NOTE: The photo is from 2012; the article is based on an interview I gave in summer 2018 + my 2015 books!

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