Let’s Make a To Exist Screenplay

As many of you know, I am a published author.

In addition to being a social media consultant, advocate, and health coach, I’ve written two nonfiction health memoirs (Sick Idiot and Chronically Positive,) one fiction novel (To Exist,) and am a co-author on a published nonfiction anthology (Empowered in Pittsburgh.)

I’ve also just completed the first draft manuscript for my 4th book as a solo author (another fiction novel — YA, this time — that I hope to get traditionally/mainstream published!)

What you may not know is that I was approached by a multimedia company out of New York City about partnering on a book-to-screen option. This would involve turning my fiction book To Exist into a screenplay, and then pitching it to movie agents and producers. 
As a pat of the partnership, the Company will back 50% of the upfront costs associated with turning a (quite long) manuscript into a screenplay.

I am asking YOU to help me fund the rest of the costs by investing via my GoFundMe.

I cannot guarantee that this screenplay will be optioned — but I can guarantee that if it does, I will never forget your kindness and generosity in helping to make my dreams come true.

What your donation will go towards:

– Adapting the novel into a film-or-TV-ready screenplay (script)

– Securing a book-to-screen agent to help pitch the adaptation once screenplay is complete

– Miscellaneous marketing and administrative costs 

– Screenwriter costs associated with the screenplay adaptation process 
(roughly $6,995)

– Any additional funds raised will go towards the editing costs of my fourth (untitled) fiction novel ($1200) and securing a VIP ticket to meet with book agents at the 2018 Pitch, Publish, Promote event in Pittsburgh ($1,495.)

Thank you in advance for investing in this amazing opportunity! 🙂


Donate here.

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