Spryngs by Brevani, Clara Health, Thermotex, and theRAconnection

I don’t always cross-promote my “Arthritis Ashley” projects on here, but for these special few, I thought I would!

First, I urge you all to check out theRAconnection.com if you are living with RA or any kind of rheumatic disease.

Secondly, please take time to check out Spryngs by Brevani and read up on this gorgeous, upscale, arthritis-friendly jewelry brand, here

Third: I still work with Thermotex, so if you want a discount, use promo code ASHLEYX on the Platinum System and promo code ASHLEY for savings on all other Thermotex products. Shop here.

Last, but certainly not least, this Arthritis Awareness Month, I’ve been helping Clara Health and Social Coop to spread awareness about a rare illness called Farber Disease.  Learn more, here.


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