So, LinkedIn: Is It Gonna Be Me That Works with Live Nation and JT? #LiveNationTopCompaniesContest

You may have noticed a subtle shift in some of the branding on my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages, as well as some vague — and not-so-vague — Justin Timberlake-related posts on my Instagram as of late.

The reason is the #LinkedInTopCompaniesContest. I’ve entered to work with Live Nation helping to manage Justin Timberlake’s social media for a day.

You can view my video, here.

If you know me, you know that I love puns (despite having been an English major. Puns are reviled by many writers and readers — but not me. I love ’em!) So, this video is filled with all the cheesy, corny, clever JT puns and jokes that I could cram in. From song lyrics and album titles, brand shout-outs and references, to even dressing the part, I Can’t Stop The Feelin’ that It’s Gonna Be Me.

In all seriousness though, this would be an absolute dream come true. For one, I love all of the branding that has gone along with his Man of The Woods album. And, full disclosure? I’m a lifelong JT fangirl, a diehard pop culture aficionado, and have been an avid concertgoer since I went to my first one as a young girl. (Paula Abdul in the early ’90s, in case you were wondering.)

Social media is also something that I enjoy and feel passionately about. I’ve written extensively about how it makes the world a smaller place, and can actually have a positive social impact in addition to its professional and career-related benefits. I’ve forged meaningful connections myself because of social media – and I’d love this chance to gain more experience by using social media in a unique and fun real-world application.

To be honest, I don’t even know if you watching my video will help my chances of winning — but I implore you to watch it nonetheless, because I had a heck of a lot of fun working on this thing.

From dreaming about working in music business in college, to interning on-air at a radio station, and now working on my own books and blogs about everything from health and medicine, to animal welfare, fashion, and pop culture, it feels like my life’s paths have all pointed me in this direction. So let’s make it happen!

Thanks in advance for your support.

… My fingers are crossed!

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