Ashley’s Third Appearance on the MASSolutions No B.S. Marketing Podcast

Here’s my interview with Dave Mastovich of MASSolutions for the MASSolutions No BS Marketing podcast.

I did misspeak twice: my book To Exist is a post-apocalyptic novel, not a post-apocalyptic memoir, thank goodness!

… and I think I stumbled on my words when plugging WearWoof: it’s spelled!

The other organizations I mention are Lions Clubs International/Robinson Lions Club and The Autoimmune Registry. I also got to discuss my health journey a bit, as well as my patient advocacy work, my role at Healthline, and my books Sick Idiot & Chronically Positive.

Thanks for listening!

And thanks again to Dave for having me on. This is always a really fun show to do! (This is the third episode I’ve done.)

Find the episode here:


It is also available on iTunes and Audible.

You can check out my past episodes of the No B.S. Marketing show, here.

You can see photos from the podcast recording from Tuesday, here

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