Media Mentions: The Early Years

Well, this was fun … plus, it seems appropriate to share for #WaybackWednesday.

The other night, I was going through messages in an old email account, and stumbled across some college assignments. One of them was an extra credit project that involved finding old newspaper articles about ourselves or our family members.

Here are some little snippets from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the Pittsburgh Press!

October, 2000 – Mention about my role as the Entertainment Editor of the Fayette Gazette High School Newspaper

June, 2001 – My oh-so-eloquent quote about organ donation. (Hint: it wasn’t eloquent at all, but I did remain true to my word and I am an organ donor today.)

October, 2000 – Mention about my involvement in student government at South Fayette High School.

October, 2001 – Announcement about my Allegheny Intermediate Unit Apprenticeship at Point Park University. It was for Journalistic Layout and Design.

January, 1994 – Announcement that I won a “Reflections” essay contest called “If I Could Give the World a Gift.” I wish I still had it today. I’d love to read it!

October, 1983 – The cutest one yet! My birth announcement in the “Stork Club.”

In the spirit of “throwbacks,” we also can’t forget these gems.

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