Want to Become a Health Coach?

As some of you may know, I’m a certified health coach. While it isn’t the primary component of my career, it is something that I am very proud of. During my time at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I learned a lot about the human body and was able to push myself to open my mind to new dietary approaches, and new ways of thinking about health and wellness. Plus, not everyone pursues schooling beyond their college years, and it’s certainly an achievement to do while working. But it’s attainable if you want it — as are most goals.

So this post is for you — for all of you have been considering taking matters of health into your own hands whether for the betterment of yourself or the betterment of others.

—> Did you ever consider learning more about the role of nutrition in relation to your health?

—> Or have you ever wanted to become a health coach to help others learn about their bodies, or to teach people how to take control of their wellness?

Here’s your chance!

—> If you want to learn how to become a health coach, look no further:  http://geti.in/1EWJjsg

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