Thank You

This #Thanksgiving Week, I’d Like to Say:

Thank You.

To every reader who has read my books, blogs, or articles: thank you.

To every client who has hired me to do social media consulting or freelance writing work: thank you.

To every organization that has invited me to come speak at an event: thank you.

To every company who has asked me to sit in on conference calls about how we can better serve patient communities: thank you.

To President Obama for inviting me to be on a health activist call: thank you.

To all of the magazines and websites who have published my quotes or my writing: thank you.

To everyone who has hosted an event where I got to learn about writing, publishing, or disability rights: thank you.

To every person who has left me a book review or rating: thank you.

To the Lions Club and WearWoof for allowing me to be your trusted Secretary: thank you.

To every library and bookstore: thank you. Thank you doubly if you’ve hosted me for an author chat or book signing.

For every charity that helps animals, sick and disabled people, human rights, or literacy: thank you.

To everyone who has volunteered for or donated to causes that are important to me: thank you.

To my doctors, nurses, physical therapists, massage therapist, and other healthcare providers: thank you … I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything without all of you.

To all the people who have supported my husband Mike throughout his American Ninja Warrior journey, thank you.

To anyone who has ever chosen to “like” or follow me or my posts on any one of my multitude of social media accounts: thank you.

To all who have watched my (embarrassing and/or lame) videos and live chats and TV appearances: thank you.

To anyone who has listened to me ramble on a podcast: thank you.

To all the folks who have ordered essential oils from me: thank you.

To everyone who has taught me, mentored me, inspired me, or given me any chance or opportunity to grow in the areas of writing, consulting, and advocacy: thank you.

To everyone who understands my vision and allows me to be my authentic self: thank you.

To my family, friends, loved ones, neighbors, colleagues, clients, connections, church, fellow advocates and chronic illness warriors, and, yes, even to my pets: thank you.

And to all of you who have inspired me so very much *just by being who you are, and doing what you do* … thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Thanks to all for a good year. And here’s to making 2017 even better! I am so grateful to have crossed paths with each and every one of you.

Let’s make this world a better place, together.

#GratitudeIsEverything  #GobbleGobble

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