The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge: #HAWMC

This November, instead of participating in NaNoWriMo, I’ve been partaking in the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, sponsored by my friends at WEGO Health. It’s only 11 days in, and we’ve already covered some fun, interesting, and challenging topics about life with chronic illness and disability.

I’ve been posting my responses over at my Arthritis Ashley  blog. (I’ll admit, I threw days 1-9 into one post because, well, I was late to the party.)

Once the Challenge is over, I’ll link all of the entires here in a thread devoted to #HAWMC. But, for now, you can visit to keep up with my entries, and you can follow the #HAWMC hashtag on Twitter and Facebook to check out the excellent and inspiring work of some other great health activist writers.

Happy reading!

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