WearWoof: Dolly for President Raffle Tickets

Here’s a candidate you can get behind! The cutest presidential campaign of #Election2016! Read on!

… Want to #win a Flatscreen 55″ LED Smart TV, an Apple iPad Air 2, AND 4 Club Level tickets to the Steelers vs. Ravens game at Heinz Field? If so, let me know!

I’m selling raffle tickets for $10 each and they benefit my fundraising efforts for the WearWoof#DollyForPresident campaign to help reduce pet homelessness through spray and neuter programs.

Let’s #FixAmerica! Contact me for your chance to win!

If you are not interested in the #raffle, or want do donate even more, you may also donate a minimum of $10 to my Crowdrising Campaign! Every $10 = a vote for Dolly in her candidacy for “Cat President of the United States” here: https://www.crowdrise.com/dollyforwearwoof/fundraiser/ashleyboynes-shuck

🐱🇺🇸🐶 And please check out WearWoof.org! So proud to be a part of this wonderful organization! 🐶

Contact me to get your Raffle Tickets or donate online to my fundraising campaign here!


ALSO: Check out photos from the 2016 Pittsburgh Pet Expo here. I spent some time volunteering on behalf of WearWoof! So fun!


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