Nominate Ashley Shuck for the White House Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh

This is a long shot, but I’d absolutely love to attend the White House Frontiers Conference co-hosted by my alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh, and attended by President Barack Obama.

If you wouldn’t mind, please take a moment to nominate me in the Personal Frontiers category in the area of health innovations & precision medicine.

I may not be a medical professional per se, but I have dedicated my life to patient advocacy, healthcare social media, peer-to-peer outreach and support, and health journalism and charity work.

I have even spoken to Congress about health legislation, and been commended by Oprah Winfrey for my work in health advocacy and helping others emerge from pain.

I explain here why I think that it is important to have the patient voice be represented, and why I believe I may be a good fit as an attendee.

I have been told I am a patient leader in the disabled and chronic illness community, and this would be my chance to be a voice and a face for all of us on a broader stage … especially those of us who rely on  new media and technology to manage our own health, advocate for ourselves and others, and connect with fellow patients.

Doctors, nurses, and researchers aren’t the only leaders and innovators in healthcare: patients are a key component too, and I would love to represent all of us modern-day     “e-patients!”

Please nominate me here! (Remember, it is in the Personal Frontiers category.) It is a very quick and easy process, I promise: 🇺🇸


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