Hail to Pitt!

As a proud University of Pittsburgh alumna, I was thrilled to be able to attend yesterday’s Pitt vs. Penn State football game at Heinz Field, and, along with other PITT alumni, was so excited for my alma mater to take home a win.

However, earlier in the week, I had another nice surprise on behalf of Pitt.

While browsing in the Pitt University Store on Fifth, I spotted two of my three paperback books for sale, unbeknownst to me! I knew that Pitt sold my books online, but it was pretty cool to realize that they sold Sick Idiot, and the first edition (old cover) of To Exist.

You can buy my books from the University of Pittsburgh in-store or online:

Sick Idiot

To Exist

I snapped these photos while I was standing in the checkout line:


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