Ashley Boynes-Shuck Appears in Several Magazines

It’s been the Summer of Magazines for me … and it may just be the Fall of Magazines, too.

Not only was I recently profiled in the pages of IN South Fayette Magazine, but over the course of this spring and summer, I was also quoted in Teen Vogue, featured in Whirl Magazine, and penned an article for Inspiring Lives Magazine, too, in addition to being quoted in several news articles across the web.

I will also be quoted in the next issue of Arthritis Today in an upcoming story discussing opioid abuse in the arthritis community, and an article that I wrote myself will be featured in the special October 2016 Subscribers-Only Bonus issue of Holl & Lane Magazine.

To learn more about Holl and Lane, read on!


Please check out Holl And Lane Magazine! I have an article featured in the Oct. 2016 Bonus Issue for subscribers-only!


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4. Most importantly, Holl & Lane takes pride in featuring REAL stories from people just like YOU. There are no celebrities in these pages. There’s not a listing for a pair of $300 sunglasses. This is real life we’re talking about and these stories are told by your friends, your neighbors, and your sisters. They are helping people to feel less alone by sharing the stories that no one else does.

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[*the above copy, between the dotted lines, is adapted from the most recent Holl & Lane email newsletter.]

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