Another Plea: Please Vote Ashley Boynes-Shuck for Best Local Writer

Please take a few moments to vote for me for Best Writer in Pittsburgh in the 2016 Pittsburgh City Paper Readers’ Poll!  It’s free to do, and fairly easy.

When you click on “Vote Now” It’s about halfway down the first voting page (at least it is on the desktop/computer version. May be different on mobile) in the Culture & Nightlife Section. Just write my name in the box labeled “Best Local Writer” (which falls below Best Local Poet and above Best Local Convention.) You can also write me in for Best Blogger or as a write-in category Best Author or Best Advocate.

You DO NOT have to fill out all categories. In fact, if you only want to help out a few select business and individuals, that’s fine! (But if you complete more than 50, you’re entered to win a prize.) Be sure, though, to hit submit at the end when you are done writing in nominations, whether you are voting for one person or 50!

Please vote for me, Ashley Boynes-Shuck, today, for Best Local Writer!




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