#DollyForPresident: Let’s #FixAmerica!


I am fundraising for WearWoof‘s Dolly For President Campaign! Help Dolly to ‪#‎FixAmerica‬! Donate today! $10 = 1 Vote!

(Be sure to select Ashley Boynes-Shuck as the Team Member OR start your own Crowdrising Campaign to support ‪#‎DollyForPresident‬!)

Vote/Donate, here: https://www.crowdrise.com/…/dollyforwearwoof/wear-woof-inc/0

Learn more at wearwoof.org! … And be sure to visit a Campaign Outpost to get your Dolly for President Yard Sign, take a look at Jim Krenn’s Endorsement, and find out how your pet can be Dolly’s running mate! Please join us on July 22nd for the Pep Rally to kick off Dolly’s Cat President Campaign (and Official Press Conference!) to Help FIX AMERICA (*through spay and neuter programs. She makes no other promises.)


Watch her campaign-approved commercial, here. The best political ad you’ll see all day!


Be sure to get your own Dolly For President Yard Sign at a Campaign Outpost!


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