Dolly for (Cat) President! #DollyForPresident

Dolly: she’s the WearWoof “shop cat” and she’s also the purr-fect candidate for Cat President! (Or, shall we say, Purr-esident?)

Dolly is pawsitively awesome. She’ll keep it classy — no claws will come out during campaigning; there will be no cattiness in debates. And she’ll leave you feline inspired to “FIX” America.

How, you ask?

Well, quite litter-ally. She wants you to help “fix” pets as part of her spay and neuter program. And a donation to her paw-litical campaign is all she needs! A vote for Dolly is a vote for animals!

She’s working on getting the (cat) delegates. (And maybe some dog-a-gates, too?)

She has a campaign staff. (But don’t ALL cats have staffs?)

And, she has a celebrity endorsement.  Watch the #DollyForPresident campaign video, here.

PLUS SHE IS SUPER CUTE. (*Although, I personally hate when womens’ appearances are suddenly a part of political discussions.)

At any rate – there’s nothing NOT to love about Dolly.

Move over, Hillary — there’s another female candidate ready to take on Cat-pital Hill … or at least the City of Pittsburgh.

Spay. Neuter. Visit WearWoof. Watch the video. Use the hasthag. Visit the website…




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