Support Team Shuck – And a ‘Thank You’ to So Many!

We’ve had a lot going on this month.

The biggest news of all is this: American. Ninja. Warrior.

Mike will be competing in American Ninja Warrior next week. There’s rules about what he and his audience members can wear — and hashtags/business names/logos aren’t allowed. So, was nice enough to help me revise our Team Shuck t-shirt order to remove the #ShuckNinja hashtag from the back. And I couldn’t be more pleased with their customer service. The shirts arrive soon, and I’m assuming that they’ll be as awesome as their staff has been!

Please show your support for Mike by liking and sharing this post (here.)  

Plus, you can also use hashtag #ShuckNinja on social media all you want, starting now!

If you make signs at home for Mike, or get your own t-shirts made, we’d LOVE to see selfies of you with your creations! You can share them on my Instagram and Facebook pages … Mike isn’t on social media but I know he’ll love to see them! Or tweet me at @abshuck or @BuellaMarie. And remember to use #ShuckNinja! (*HOPEFULLY he will make it onto the show and NBC will give him his OWN Ninja Warrior hashtag! But until then, let’s support him as he heads down to Philly to compete!)  We want Mike to know that, no matter the outcome, we are all so proud, excited, impressed, and inspired, that he was chosen (because of his AWESOME American Ninja Warrior audition video, filmed by my talented brother-in-law, Matthew Shuck) to compete. Making it this far is already a blessing!

I’ve also included a couple of images also from my design, that you can use on your social media to support Mike & “Team Shuck!” 

Don’t forget to listen to his KDKA Radio interview if you haven’t already, and keep an eye on WPXI evening news next week (we believe Monday) to see them featuring him and his ANW journey! He may also be in upcoming issues of (or on the websites for) Pittsburgh Magazine and IN Community Magazines. So stay tuned!

And we can’t forget to also give shout-outs to Pittsburgh Kettlebell and Performance, Matthew Shuck Photography, and Gymsport, as well as everyone else who helped Mike train and build obstacles along the way, as well as our friends and family who are coming down to Philly to watch him in the qualifying round.

Your support, well-wishes, prayers, and encouraging good vibes are very much appreciated! I know Mike certainly appreciates it, as do I. He is very grateful for and humbled by this amazing opportunity, and we are very excited. “Team Shuck” is already so proud of him, and I know that Pittsburgh will be rooting him on, too!

Don’t forget that American Ninja Warrior airs on NBC and Esquire network. Season 8 starts on June 1, 2016, at 8/7c!

And, Matt Iseman, I’m definitely making my husband give you a copy of my book, Sick Idiot! 😉



2 thoughts on “Support Team Shuck – And a ‘Thank You’ to So Many!

    1. Hi! His hometown segment was cut but he was shown very briefly and his name was mentioned throughout the show. You can watch reruns on Esquire and NBC On Demand and find full episodes online soon. His episode was the Philadelphia Qualifiers. 🙂 You can follow his Season 9 journey on his Facebook and Twitter pages 🙂

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