Ashley Featured in Angelic Bakehouse’s “Sprouted Spotlight” for National Nutrition Month

I am pleased and honored that Angelic Bakehouse chose to feature me during their Sprouted Spotlight campaign for National Nutrition Month. Though I am not a registered dietician or professional nutritionist, I am a certified health coach who has studied food and nutrition both in my schooling and as a personal interest. Often times, I discuss the importance of dietary choices, nutrition, and an overall healthful lifestyle of wellness in the work that I do with Ultimate You Wellness and Arthritis Ashley. I think that health, beauty, and fitness are all intertwined and are all unique to our individual selves. My best isn’t the same as your best — and that’s okay. We all should just strive to be our own personal best, and be as healthy as we can be … and that includes our food choices!

Thanks again to Angelic Bakehouse Non-GMO Spouted Bakery, for this great post!

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