An Update on Life…


This Spring I am working on: publishing my next nonfiction book, writing my next fiction novel, launching a podcast, expanding my essential oils business, doing social media and varied consulting work for clients, being a book reviewer for the largest newspaper in Pittsburgh, and continuing to hone in on my craft and learn, learn, learn. I’m enrolled in a CreativeLive Screenwriting Course, a MasterClass with novelist James Patterson, and B-School with Marie Forleo! Also taking a community college course on Cultivating Your Intuition and possibly developing a patient-centric healthcare consulting business. The saying goes, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” … And I love that concept! I want to develop all areas of my personal and professional life, and learn from the best. No matter what level you are at in life, you can always try to do more and learn more. As Ronda Rousey says, don’t be a ‪#‎DNB‬.

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