Another Full Circle Moment: This Time with DJ Bonics

Often times in life, I see things come “full-circle.” I discuss this re: Lady Gaga and Oprah connections in my book, Sick Idiot. I talked about it in my previous post about my reviewing an Elizabeth Gilbert book, and I will talk about it now.

Years ago, when I was a senior in college at the University of Pittsburgh, I called into local Clear Channel radio station 96.1 KISS fm to try to win a gift certificate for a Halloween costume, of all things. While I was on hold, I got to chatting with the on-air personality at the time, DJ Bonics, a fellow PITT alum.

One thing led to another and he learned that one of my concentrations was in Communications. “You have a good voice,” he said. “Email me. Maybe we can set something up as an intern. I’d like helping out a fellow Pitt student.” And thus, a friendship and mentorship was born.

I’m sure at times as my “Bossman,” he grew frustrated. I was very limited on free time with having a part-time job, a full-time courseload at school, and another internship at an ad agency, all at once. I also struggled at times because of my illnesses. But I tried my best. I found that I was good at the “on-air personality,” social media, and, well, just plain social aspects of the gig. I wasn’t so good at the technological and the real “radio” side of it, if that makes sense. So, maybe being on the radio wasn’t necessarily my jam because I didn’t know how to work the gadgets and the things and the stuff and it all seemed overwhelming to me at that time. Good spokesperson/host/whatever — and I was TOTALLY into the music and pop culture scene, and the being-a-“personality” part of it — but with the OTHER stuff, the more technical stuff, I wasn’t a good learner. I had no context as to where or how to place that type of knowledge. It didn’t fit in my brain. And, who knows — maybe if my schedule would have allowed for more “on-the-job” (on-the-internship?) training, maybe things would have been different. But they weren’t. And that’s okay. And nonetheless, Bonics and I still remained friends and have kept in touch through the years.

Now, almost ten years later (HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?) my heart swells with happiness and pride for my friend and onetime mentor as I see him on the Grammys, on the Tonight Show, on Rockin’ New Years Eve, and so on. Bonics always had big dreams and now he’s traveling the world with Wiz Khalifa AND successfully doing his own thing (still!) on the radio, and through podcasting, appearances, etc. at the same time.

Recently, serendipity would bring things full-circle again, as he wanted a little extra help and collaboration with some of his social media stuff, and I had just lost a long-time social media client of mine, NOT TO MENTION had been feeling less “myself” lately. You see, I missed THAT PART of my life. No, not being young and in college (though that was nice too,) but the part of me that was so INTO the “scene.” Always going to every concert, every event. Music and fashion were my LIFE. I missed being a part of something so electric, so creative, so … me. And so, the synergy was obvious.

I’m now helping Bonics with his public Facebook page and perhaps living a little bit vicariously through my friend who has always inspired me to DREAM BIG. Sure our dreams and our circumstances are different. But I am proud of him and proud to be his friend.

So … help us both out and go “like” his Facebook page, DJ Bonics. Be sure to follow his amazing journey on Twitter, Insta, and on his blog, too.


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