In The Dog Days of Summer, One Brand’s Focus is on Philanthropy

Make No Bones About It: Philanthropic Eyewear Brand Paws N Claws® Eyewear Serves Its Mission, Presents ASPCA with Over $11,000

Charitable eyewear company Paws N Claws® Eyewear donates a portion of proceeds to the ASPCA after steady growth.

Pittsburgh, PA, August 18, 2015: Eyewear company Paws N Claws® Eyewear, a division of Eye Deals Eyewear, recently presented the ASPCA with a check in the amount of $11,324.14 in collaboration with California Accessories and Windsor Eyes. A portion of proceeds from all sales of Paws N Claws® branded eyewear and accessories gets donated to the ASPCA. The company’s very first donation was $500 — a fact that they were proud of when they were newly starting out. But now, not even a mere 4 years later, they’ve most recently been able to give over $11,000 to their partners at the ASPCA.

Sam Shapiro, the President of Paws N Claws® Eyewear said, “Presenting the ASPCA with a check of this size gives us great pride. We take great pleasure in the fact that we have been so fortunate in growth to this point to be able to do so. We continue to grow across the United States which is amazing.”

He noted that Paws N Claws® Eyewear wouldn’t have been able to give back in the way that they do without the help and support of California Accessories, Windsor Eyes, and Eye Deals Eyewear, and wants customers and retailers to know that this is only the beginning of what is poised to be a great cause that he and his company are devoted to.

Up to 3% of the purchase price of each Paws N Claws® Eyewear item goes to the ASPCA, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit started in the late 1800’s. Now, the ASPCA has millions of supporters worldwide who stand by them in their missions of animal welfare and animal rights. The Paws N Claws® Eyewear brand has made that part of their mission and their brand identity, too.

“We wanted to support a cause that’s close to our hearts and make it easy for pet lovers everywhere to easily join in the fight to prevent cruelty to animals,” said Mr. Shapiro.

To learn more about Paws N Claws® Eyewear visit, or follow Paws N’ Claws Eyewear on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Press inquires contact Ashley Boynes-Shuck at or Sam Shapiro at


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