Health Coaching, Healthline, JuicePlus+, and Essential Oils

Hey guys! Here comes a mishmash of info comin’ at ya! Take notes 🙂

HEALTHLINE: I have a few new interesting and research-based rheumatoid arthritis articles up on Please check ‘em out, here.  (Link will take you to all of my Healthline articles, so feel free to browse through and read/share whatever piques your interest!)

ALSO: In addition to being a certified health coach and Beachbody Coach, I’m also now a Distributor for JuicePlus+ and a Wellness Consultant for a well-known brand of essential oils.The essential oils have already helped me greatly, and if you’re interested in giving them a try, I can give you some recommendations!

As for the Juice Plus — those of us with inflammatory conditions and on certain medications or with compromised immune system to get all of our fruit and vegetable servings for the day, and to make up for any depletion that may occur due to illness or medication. JuicePlus+ does just that and is natural and gluten-free. You’ll feel great! If you’re going to try Beachbody products, I’d recommend PiYo  or Tai Cheng because they are low-impact workouts, along with Shakeology, as a meal-replacement shake, and CIZE if you love to dance!

  • To learn more about health coaching for your own health or to help others, click here.
  • To order essential oils or learn more about them, email me here.
  • To try PiYo, Tai Cheng, CIZE, or Shakeology, or learn more about Beachbody, click here.
  • To try JuicePlus+, click here.

Feel free to “like” my health coaching page on Facebook. I’m working on a new Ultimate You website but you can follow on Twitter @UltimateYouHHC as well as following the hashtags #ultimateyou, #rheuminder, #arthritisashley on Instagram!

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