Book Updates: To Exist and Sick Idiot

My books are *thisclose* to being published!

The first is a fiction novel called To Exist. To Exist is a post-apocalyptic journey as seen through a hunted woman’s eyes. Her downfall and her saving grace are wrapped up in one another during this dark, twisty, and deeply-introspective tale. Prepare for some plot twists and some funny streams of consciousness as Shelby takes you on her journey as the possible last woman on earth.

The second is nonfiction book called Sick Idiot. Sick Idiot is a funny-yet-inspiring health memoir about my sometimes-ridiculous, often-laughable, always-mind-boggling journey through life with chronic illness.

I’m so proud of these two books and have put in a lot of effort. It is scary to share your stories with the world and I hope that you will all support me in this journey!

To Exist will be released soon and will be available in paperback or as an e-book. You’ll be able to order it from me directly, from my publisher’s website, from the Barnes & Noble website,, Nook, and Kindle. Details are coming soon on when you can anticipate its release!

I’m still finishing up the writing phase of Sick Idiot but hope to have it published in 2015, as well!

I hope you’re ready to read!

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