Arthritis Ashley Joins Sanguine Biosciences

I have joined forces with Sanguine Biosciences in order to help patients to further autoimmune and rheumatoid arthritis research, simply by donating blood. I am happy to lend the Arthritis Ashley name and fan base to this company with a worthy mission.

It’s quite simple — if you are 18+ with proof of diagnosis, and live in one of the approved areas, you can sign up to have a mobile phlebotomist come to your home to draw your blood. Yes – YOU can be paid to help further RA research! … After signing up and giving blood, you will then be rewarded $50 for your time, PLUS you can choose a charity to which Sanguine will donate an additional $25 in your name. Your donated blood is then studied. Researchers will utilize patient samples to learn more about rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmunity.

This could mean great things for the future of rheumatic and autoimmune disease treatment and management! Perhaps, one day, your blood could lead to a cure. Sign up today! And feel free to share the link with your friends, family, fans, and followers!

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