Healthline, Arthritis Ashley, and Timehop

New posts are up at and the Arthritis Ashley blog.

See my Healthline articles, below … and, just for fun, a few recent Timehop pictures from past magazine spots, events, and TV appearances … and my tweet from Oprah a few years back!

10628426_10152485362414232_9078408536194031804_n 1424270_10152501146974232_5273131802839933929_n 10171858_10152528618844232_844694837660532668_n 10387396_10152558784289232_1887463589110432404_n 1898178_10152572665024232_936969892754441662_n 1798421_10152574574784232_3615187595276278118_n 10624752_10152550665514232_4147739574077177332_n

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