Animals & Fashion + Your Chance to WIN BIG with WearWoof!

Do you love  fashion AND dogs like I do? Check out WearWoof  at to learn about how we help animals in need by re-homing fashions!
You can also enter our Outer Banks raffle or buy tickets to our first annual Scotch & Chocolate Party fundraiser, presented by First Niagara. 
Help WearWoof to fulfill our dream of making Pittsburgh a more animal-friendly, and ultimately no-kill, city … and look great while doing good!
I have 10 raffle tickets left to sell (for just $10, you can be entered in your chance to win a family trip to the Outer Banks) and I can also help you out if you wish to attend the Scotch & Chocolate Party on 10/4! We have a limited amount of tickets left for the event, so act now!
P.S. This pretty girl is my Miss Maggie May! Adopting her was one of the best days of my life. And she likes a good bag as much as the next gal (as evidenced by this unstaged photo op in my car LOL! Micheal Kors would be proud.)

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