Goals for 2013


They say if you visualize and write down goals, you’ll be more likely to reach them. So here goes!

Hopes & Goals for 2013:

• Get my novel published.

• Lose 15 pounds & keep it off!

• Finish Nutrition School & become a Health Coach!

• Get another dog.  (Preferably a rescue!)

• Redecorate areas of our house. (Starting with living room!)

• Improve my fitness regimen and get into better shape. Try to start running.

• Continue Flexitarian diet and holistic/translational approach to health.

• Continue 365 Acts of Kindness.

• Volunteer.

• Get a new MacBook Air.

• Get Invisalign or something similar.

• Make it back to Hilton Head & NYC.

• Continue to keep my new car clean.

• Figure out my sinus and back issues.

• Get more organized in general.

• Write to my sponsor child Awa (from Mali) more frequently.

• Get a few new social media clients.

• Get a few skinny wraps distributors on my team.

• Get one more tattoo. (My last one. I already have it planned out!)

• Go to church more frequently. Maybe officially join a church once again.

•Practice gratitude daily.

• Always keep in touch with friends, even if I don’t see them.

• Always let those close to me know that I love them.

• Do a Facebook & Twitter friends purge.

• Love always.

• Laugh daily.

• Be kind.

• Do good.

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