Rebranding Skinnyburgh. Meet: “Ultimate Body, Ultimate You”

Ultimate Body, Ultimate You is my wellness initiative formerly called Skinnyburgh.

Here’s the statement on the re-branding effort.

Though my mission of Skinnyburgh was to “take back control” of the word “skinny” and to re-define it for yourself, after careful consideration, I’ve decided that the word skinny isn’t how I want my wellness community to be reflected.

For me “finding your skinny” was about getting to your own personal best – whether a size 2 or a size 12. It wasn’t about meeting some unrealistic, idealized standard that our society has set.

I thought Skinnyburgh was a “cute” and fun name much like Bethenny Frankel’s “Skinnygirl” brand or the “Skinny Bitch” books, but, it seemed to offend some people, and, as a health advocate and future holistic health coach, that’s the last thing that I want to do, since my message is about health and empowerment.

I will still be selling “skinny wraps” – formally known as Ultimate Body Applicators – and this blog, the website, and the Facebook and Twitter communities are still about the same thing: a fresh, fun and positive approach to health, wellness, fitness, beauty, and weight loss. It’s for the health-conscious crowd and the looks-conscious crowd; those who are gym rats and those who are fitness newbies; for foodies and for novice cooks or those just learning about nutrition; for anyone curious about natural health and wellness; and for everyone who wants to look and feel their best!

My mantra is still that “healthy is the new skinny” but I want it to reflect the notion that it first and foremost is about health and confidence….the “looking great” part is secondary to all of that!

So, Skinnyburgh Wellness Community will now be the “Ultimate Body, Ultime You” initiative.

You can visit for the same great products.

You can click here to join the Facebook community.

Follow @UltimateYouHHC on Twitter (the HHC stands for my “future” title Holistic Health Coach — reserving the Twitter handle now! Also, if you already followed @SkinnyWrapsPgh you’ll automatically be following the new one)
and, the Skinnyburgh blog will be moving over to

Thank you for your support and understanding!  As they say, “a change will do you good!”
Be Well,



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