Hi! As you know, my name is Ashley Boynes-Shuck, and I’m now launching Skinnyburgh!

Skinnyburgh is the effort I’m organizing in order to distribute It Works Global products – a line of fabulous nutritional supplements and “skinny wraps” that are sure to boost your health & your confidence!

I firmly believe that Healthy is the New Skinny….and with It Works products, you can “get your sexy” back and improve your health & beauty, while you’re at it.

You may know me from my philanthropic & advocacy work with various health and wellness organizations, or, from my fashion and beauty blog, Glitzburgh. Or, you may know me from the entrepreneurial and inspirational self-help work that I do, or from my writing and social media endeavors.

What you may not know, is that I long dealt with body image issues, like so many women! So, I decided to launch Skinnyburgh and get involved with It Works! Global.

Through a healthful diet, moderate exercise, and an overall lifestyle of wellness, I’ve been able to transform myself into a healthier, more fit, more confident version of myself. With the “skinny wraps” and other It Works products, I firmly believe that you’ll be able to do the same!

Would I try to enlighten you about these fabulous products, otherwise? The answer is no. I would not try to sell you something that I wouldn’t use myself — something that I believe in.

Consider browsing our catalog today, hosting a “Lose It!” Wrap Party, or, becoming a Distributor along with me. Whether you’re a working woman who is looking to earn some extra “fun money,” a college student wanting some residual income, a dad wanting to take that extra step to support his family, or, a stay-at-home wife, mother, or independent woman looking to earn cash while helping and inspiring others, It Works! will work for YOU!

Become the “new you” NOW!

Contact me to learn how to host a party, order, or become a distributor.

I look forward to speaking with you, soon!

You can learn more about the skinny wraps, and our other products, by checking out my Skinnyburgh Facebook page, here:

You can follow @SkinnyWrapsPgh on Twitter, too, or email me at

Skinnyburgh also has a blog at

Stay Well,

– A

PS: Learn more about what Skinnyburgh is all about, here.

More Info:

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