Do Me a Flavor!

I’m always up for trying to win a contest, especially one that requires me to be creative!

So, I entered the LAYS “Do Us a Flavor” Contest where you can win multiple prizes daily, with the grand prize winner receiving $1 Million!

I created 5 unique potato chip flavors — I’d like to think they are “gourmet” chips for the refined palate ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you are on Facebook, take a second to check them out and click, “I’d Eat That!” to vote for my creations.

They are posted on my Facebook and Twitter pages, and, here they are, below:

Lavender Rosemary Jazz:ย “Flower, meet potato. Lavender’s sweet essence gets a bold makeover when added with fresh rosemary and ground sea salt. A gourmet adventure!ย โ€ ย –ย click here to view.

Sweet Avocado:ย โ€œYou say potato chip, I say…gourmand. Enjoy a daring blend of avocado and sweet potato with a hint of cacao essence for the refined palateโ€ –ย click here to view.

Maple Bacon Supreme:ย โ€œAre you someone who loves it when the syrup from your pancakes mixes with your home fries and bacon? If so, you’re welcome.” –ย click here to view.

Zesty Salted Cocoa:ย โ€œHot chiles. Warm cocoa. A dash of sea salt. What better way to warm the senses than this delectable chip? Winter’s answer to the BBQ!ย โ€ – click here to view.

Greek Autumn:ย โ€œFeta cheese. Pumpkin. Zucchini. The perfect autumn treat for the discerning tastebuds!ย โ€ – click here to view.

Thank you for your support!

Ashley's Do Us a Flavor Creations
Ashley’s Do Us a Flavor Creations

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