Do Me a Flavor!

I’m always up for trying to win a contest, especially one that requires me to be creative!

So, I entered the LAYS “Do Us a Flavor” Contest where you can win multiple prizes daily, with the grand prize winner receiving $1 Million!

I created 5 unique potato chip flavors — I’d like to think they are “gourmet” chips for the refined palate 😉

If you are on Facebook, take a second to check them out and click, “I’d Eat That!” to vote for my creations.

They are posted on my Facebook and Twitter pages, and, here they are, below:

Lavender Rosemary Jazz: “Flower, meet potato. Lavender’s sweet essence gets a bold makeover when added with fresh rosemary and ground sea salt. A gourmet adventure! ”  – click here to view.

Sweet Avocado: “You say potato chip, I say…gourmand. Enjoy a daring blend of avocado and sweet potato with a hint of cacao essence for the refined palate” – click here to view.

Maple Bacon Supreme: “Are you someone who loves it when the syrup from your pancakes mixes with your home fries and bacon? If so, you’re welcome.” – click here to view.

Zesty Salted Cocoa: “Hot chiles. Warm cocoa. A dash of sea salt. What better way to warm the senses than this delectable chip? Winter’s answer to the BBQ! ” – click here to view.

Greek Autumn: “Feta cheese. Pumpkin. Zucchini. The perfect autumn treat for the discerning tastebuds! ” – click here to view.

Thank you for your support!

Ashley's Do Us a Flavor Creations
Ashley’s Do Us a Flavor Creations

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