Mark Your Calendars: Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie to Air this Month!

The air time for the TV show I am appearing on, “Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie” on PCNC, has been set. The show will air on Mondays, at 7:30pm EST, starting on September 24th, 2012.

As Dr. Shellie Hipsky said, “Now everyone in the tri-state area can watch my amazing guests as they explain their life obstacles and how they have overcome and give back. MARK YOUR CALENDARS: the inspirational fall line starts Sept. 24!”

CHANNELS: PCNC: Comcast 31, Armstrong 31 & 41, Atlantic Broadband 63, and Verizon FIOS 9!

It will also air on the Manhattan News Network in NYC – dates/times TBD.

The show will also stream globally online.

 I will let you know which episode will be the one featuring me — but regardless, you should set your DVRs for this inspirational upcoming television program.

One thought

  1. Hi Ashley, You are slated to have your featured epsiode air on Oct 29th. The Comcast channel is Ch. 35. Thank you so much for telling your awesome story of your personal journey and how you are now supporting others with health issues! Take care!

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