Client News and Updates

My client Greater Pittsburgh Joint & Muscle Center has now launched a new division, the XPerience Medical Center. Please join them on Facebook, here, and follow on Twitter, here.

Additionally, I’ve once again partnered with Paragon Luxury Homes of Pittsburgh. Please like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and bookmark their blog!

PartyLite has announced their August Fragrance of the Month, which you can check out on Valerie Bartels’ FacebookPinterest, and website. It’s a fun fall scent that will be the perfect transition from summer to autumn.

Don’t forget to check out my Mid Atlantic Arthritis Foundation blog posts, and for all kinds of awesome tips about living – and thriving – with arthritis! 

The Contempo Artistries Twitter page has a new look, too – so be sure to check it out @ContempoSalon and also like them on Facebook, here, as they gear up for their 5-year anniversary party!

Last but not least – Glitzburgh has lots of awesome things in the works, too….so stay up-to-date by following @Glitzburgh on Twitter, keeping up with the Glitzburgh Facebook page, and, by subscribing to


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