Ashley Named President of FemCity, Pittsburgh!

I have been selected as the President of the Pittsburgh Chapter (a.k.a. FemCity) of Femfessionals, LLC.

Femfessionals connects ambitious professional women through “Connection Lunches”, originative workshops, social media and, creating individual communities within cities around the world. Their mission is to connect and enable women worldwide to reach their ultimate potential by offering endless resources through the Femfessionals Organization.

A Femfessional is a savvy business woman characterized as positive, open-minded, driven, professional, ambitious and desirous of forming strong strategic connections with similar minded professional women to benefit each other personally and professionally and to benefit their community. Not only is she motivated to succeed, she is passionate about the success of others around her. A Femfessional is giving of herself and more than willing to help when she is needed. She wants to make an impact in the world, starting with the betterment of her City, and grow as a business professional and as a woman. She is quite remarkable!

I am now the President of the Pittsburgh FemCity. Each City chapter (a.k.a. FemCity) will have a FemCity President. The FemCity President will be the leader of the FemCity and the go-to person for any questions about Femfessionals within that specific location.

Stay tuned for more info on the brand new Pittsburgh FemCity.

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