Last Call to Donate! Help Me Win Woman of the Year &Help Fight Cancer!

My fundraising campaign for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Woman of the Year” program is winding down.

There’s still time for you to help, though!!!

Did you know that your odds of developing cancer are 1-in-2 if you are a male, and 1-in-3 if you are a female? Did you know that one person in the United States is diagnosed with a blood cancer approximately every four minutes? Sad but true.

You can help! Even a dollar donation is better than nothing – and every dollar raised not only helps my campaign but also will potentially make a profound difference in a cancer patient’s life!

Please…consider doing some good and contributing to this wonderful cause, today! ❤

Give by clicking here. (It’s safe & secure!)

In advance, I thank you for your compassion & generosity! 

Check out photos from all of the events I hosted, here.

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