Progress on my Novel…

Today, I set aside some time to work on my novel.

I have started and stopped 5 manuscripts — all different, but all adult fiction novels. (Plus one children’s book, and a book of poetry.)

There are two that I really want to focus on, but I know that I just need to hone in on one (for now!) and hunker down if I ever want to reach my goal.

My dream since first grade has been to publish a novel. I actually have the first “book” that I wrote in the GATE (gifted) classroom: “Bitsy the Lotsa’ Legged Caterpillar” (what 7-year-old comes up with such a cute title?!? haha!)

Now’s the time….as they say, there’s no time like the present. I’m presently involved in 3 book projects – as a co-author and/or editor – that will likely be out within the year….but, it’s just not the same.

While I can’t share what any of my potential books are about (I’m not all about people stealing my ideas) – I will share my progress. My thought process is that this may keep me more accountable!

So while my client work, blogging and paid freelance writing, and my fundraising campaign are priorities, I realize that, for my own personal sanity, this has to be, too.

So, here we go.

Buckling down. Novel-time. Writing away…my goal is 50,000 words minimum, but knowing me, it will turn into far more. Additionally, I’d like to be sitting at an old-fashioned typewriter (so badly!) but, my iMac will surely do.

Any tips or books you recommend for pacing oneself for novel writing?



4 thoughts on “Progress on my Novel…

  1. That picture is adorable. It’s a hard task buckling down and getting things done in order meet a goal. Good luck writing!

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