Welcome to my New Website

Dear friends,

Welcome, one and all, to my new website!

This site will be a gathering spot for all of the projects and endeavors that I am working on — similar to my professional Facebook page. (But, unlike Facebook, on this site, I can use my married name. Shame on you, Facebook, for not letting me change my name on my public page because I “have too many likes!”)


You can come here and browse my latest blog posts for the Arthritis Foundation, Glitzburgh, and any other project that I may be working on.

To your right, you will find links to individual pages, as well as a place for you to sign up for either my newsletter, or, to be updated via email any time that I post something new on this site. (To do so, just hit the blue “follow” button!)

At the top of the page, you will see 3 grey icons — these will allow you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or get my posts in an RSS feed.

Thanks for stopping by — bookmark it and come back soon! As I take some time to get “settled in,” please excuse any issues as I continue to tweak and create this new website.


Be Well,


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